Skin Care

Skin care During Holi

As we know that somehow the joyful colors of Holi are cons to our skin. So we must make it sure that how to get rid of such cons and the tips are as follow :-

  • Do not apply heavy make up for the Holi party because it may ruin your looks while freaking out with the colors and water. Instead you can use mineral make up.
  • Apply sunscreen lotion before stepping out from home to the party destination.
  • Do not apply hot shades of lipstick because it will make you look like a clown while playing with colors, use neutral or coral shades of lipstick.
  • Do not wash your face directly with water because it leaves marks of colors on face.
  • Use a cleanser before washing of your face.
  • Use herbal or organic colors for playing Holi.

Hair Care

Hair Care During Holi

Hair are the most essential and sensitive object to care it up so do not ignore them follow these steps to cure your hair during the Holi.

  • Apply some hair lotion or oil after conditioning and shampoo right before playing the Holi because color may make your hair dry or damaged.
  • Do not in or curl your hair for Holi party makes it all natural as they are. Instead you can tie them according to your wish.
  • After party does not wash directly again oil your hair then shampoo after an hour applies serum and conditioner too.

Style Tips

Fashion During Holi

Now let’s come to the styling yourself the essential most topic. & the tips are as follow:-

  • Do not wear shaggy or heavy clothes instead of it make your attire casual.
  • Do not use bold colors just go with the bright and light shades.
  • Choose flat or platform heels instead of pencils and block heels .
  • You can pick up the sneakers and canvas with the denim pants.
  • Make it easy with no accessories feel free to freak it out.

 So what you waiting for.........Let's Rock this Holi all Together.......HOLI HAI......................